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4x4 is a New York City based multi-service, boutique-style firm. We specialize in music management, social media and streaming promotions, marketing, branding, public relations, sponsorships, licensing and consulting. 4x4 is a unique approach at developing a real artist career. We launch a special direct-to-fan relationship for the artist, by finding an audience whose taste in music matches the music of our artist.  As a result, the artist grows a strong and loyal fan base. The potential rewards are truly endless as the artist continues to grow with their fans. Find out what 4x4 can do for you: E-mail


Jonathan Wax entered the music business in 2009 while a student at the University of Miami, to help develop the career of his brother, pop-rock artist Mikey Wax. With the music scene becoming an over-saturated market, he was challenged to think out-of-the-box to build Mikey's career, and founded 4x4 Artist Management. With a humble yet persistent approach, including a grassroots strategy to build a strong social media fanbase, the Wax brothers built a modest resume in the DIY scene. Following a feature on the YouTube homepage gaining 500,000 views overnight, a weekly song placement on the FOX hit show "So You Think You Can Dance", and several national tours supporting reputable acts, Mikey signed a worldwide recording contract with Toucan Cove/Universal Music, and a worldwide co-publishing deal with PEN Music Group.

Since then, Mikey's anthemic single "You Lift Me Up" and its electronic remix have hit a combined 17+ million Spotify streams, 2 million YouTube views, and placed in a Keeping Up With The Kardashians promo commercial on E! among other numerous TV placements. His single "Only One" landed rotation on SiriusXM The Pulse & other Mediabase HOT A/C radio stations across the country. His marriage equality anthem "Love Always Wins" was featured in the Caitlyn Jenner 'I Am Cait' promo commercial after premiering on His uplifting single "Helium" was featured in a major Hollister Clothing ad, and just passed one million Spotify streams. His electronic pop single "Spaceman" was featured in a worldwide online Nike Swim ad. And his most recent single "Big Little Life", written for his wife-to-be, was featured on Spotify's New Music Friday in eight countries. Over the years, Mikey Wax has gained over 1 million social media fans combined and 25 million Spotify streams. Jonathan also manages pop duo MIDLO, whose debut single "Emotional" landed Spotify's New Music Friday (USA) and 15 other pop curated playlists. Additionally, he represents pop producer Jacob Lee, who just signed a worldwide co-publishing deal with PEN Music Group.

Jonathan also runs 4x4 marketing, a NYC based multi-service, boutique-style firm. 4x4 marketing specializes in social media and streaming promotions, marketing, branding, public relations, sponsorships, licensing & consulting. Clients have included Wind-Up Records (Sony), Aaron Carter, Nine Days, Blessid Union Of Souls, Ron Pope, Foundations Management (LAUV, Dispatch, NeedToBreathe) and Rob Fusari, among many other talented artists. We also provide our clients with in-depth analytics. 4x4's clients have toured with many reputable acts and have attained thousands of real fans thanks in part to a hands-on marketing approach. 4x4's artists have also been placed on major outlets like CBS, FOX, NBC, MTV, & Billboard. 4x4 has also proudly provided artists with endorsements including Guitar Center, KORG,, & Tanglewood Guitars. Jonathan's unique approach was recently acknowledged when he was invited to be a panelist at both CMJ and Driven Music Conference, speaking alongside other managers like Joe Simpson (Ashlee & Jessica Simpson), & Fred Croshal (New Found Glory). Here he provided artists with creative advice on how to grow in the quickly changing music business.


Jonathan also hosts the web series The Record produced by United Stations Radio Networks and filmed at their TV studio on 52nd and Madison. The show features interviews and performances by both up & coming, as well as established artists. Their debut show featured Jonathan interviewing Howie D of The Backstreet Boys.

Wax understands the importance of each and every fan, providing unique opportunities for his artists to truly connect with them.  Feel free to e-mail him and say hello!

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